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How Long Does Morning Sickness Last

How long will morning sickness last each day and how long will it last during your pregnancy...

Morning Sickness Morning sickness is something every expecting mother wants to be over as soon as just how long will it last?

How Long Will Morning Sickness Last Each Day

You may feel that morning sickness is inappropriately named because it can sometimes last all day. However, for most women, morning sickness is usually the worst during the morning hours because your blood sugar levels will be the lowest since you haven't eaten in several hours.

While morning sickness can occur at anytime of the day, studies show that it can be brought on by the following things:

  • Sudden moderate to strenuous activity
  • High stress
  • Eating a meal (large, high in grease, or filling)
  • Foul odors or being near strong smelling food (fish, Italian cuisine, fried food)
  • Getting hot

For information on how to shorten your morning sickness and to learn how to stop it completely, we recommend this morning sickness guide.

How Long Will Morning Sickness Last In Your Pregnancy

So how long before you can look forward to waking up and going throughout your day without feeling sick to your stomach? The below information represents how long women who get morning sickness feel sick throughout their pregnancy:

60% of Women
About seventy percent of women say that their morning sickness lasted the first trimester. Normally, women will start seeing the signs of morning sickness during their 6th week of pregnancy (it's not uncommon for morning sickness to be the thing that lets someone know they are pregnant) and on average it will last until about the 12th week. So on average about 70% of women will suffer from morning sickness for about 6-8 weeks of their pregnancy.

15% of Women
Around fifteen percent of women suffered from morning sickness for half of their pregnancy. For these women, that means they probably started seeing morning sickness symptoms around the 6th week of pregnancy and they will continue to have morning sickness until the 19-20th week of pregnancy (or halfway through the 2nd trimester).

15% of Women
Another fifteen percent of women will suffer from morning sickness throughout their entire pregnancy.

10% of Women
The remaining ten percent of women suffer from morning sickness off and on at different times of their pregnancy.

Below is a chart that represents what percentage of women suffer morning sickness for specific durations:

How Long Does Morning Sickness Last

How to Get Rid of Morning Sickness Fast?
We have created a morning sickness guide which contains all the techniques within this site, including home remedies and tips we are not allowed to mention to help you stop your morning sickness. The techniques within this guide are natural and safe and can work in as little as 24 hours to stop your morning sickness.

How to Cure Morning Sickness
  • End your morning sickness faster (sometimes within 24 hours)
  • Learn morning sickness remedies that suit your lifestyle and daily routine
  • All safe and natural morning sickness remedies
  • Keep your morning sickness from coming back
  • Guaranteed to help your morning sickness

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Morning Sickness Morning Sickness Learn everything you ever wanted to know about morning sickness.
Morning Sickness Remedies Morning Sickness Remedies Discover countless remedies designed to stop your morning sickness.
How Long Does Morning Sickness Last How Long Does Morning Sickness Last Learn how long morning sickness will last each day and for the pregnancy?

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